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We highly appreciate your interest in Kerman University of Medical Sciences. If you intend to enter a new direction in your academic career and enjoy academic excellence, you have come to the perfect place.



Aiming to facilitate the admission procedure, the Office of Admissions has taken all necessary measures to make this process as simple as possible. Please carefully read and follow our admission guidelines in order to go through this process with ease.




How to Apply?



Applying to Kerman University of Medical Sciences is free, and applicants are not charged for it. This process takes place online and electronically. We do not accept applications by regular mail. Interested applicants should sign up and log in to our website in order to gain access to the


Once you reach the application form, carefully provide all the necessary information in order to successfully submit your application.


  • Please bear in mind that before filling out the application form, it is better to decide on and determine your level of study (e.g. B.Sc., M.Sc.,) as well as your choice of major, program or course (e.g. Hematology ,Physiotherapy ,Laboratory Sciences ,Surgical Technology ,Anesthesiology ,Radiology and Medical Physics etc.). Moreover, carefully read the requirements specified for your level and major and have all the necessary documents ready before proceeding to the application form. Below you can read explanations on how to prepare some of the requirements. It is recommended that you follow these points and suggestions in order to make sure that your application documents are suitable and satisfactory.

After the successful submission of your application form, you will receive a confirmation email and an application code from the Office of Admissions. Please check your email to make sure that you have received both the email and the code. Please note that once you click on 'submission' at the end of your application form, you will not be allowed to make changes in the form or add more documents any more. Therefore, you are required to review your application form carefully before you submit it.




 After you apply, your application will be carefully reviewed at the Office of Admissions. In case any part of your application is incomplete, this office will consider your application “incomplete” and will not process it any further and will email you with list of missing documents. As long as there are missing documents in your application, the application procedure will be paused. Only after absolute completion of your form and the submission of all the necessary documents the Office of Admissions starts reviewing and processing your application.




Complete applications will be forwarded to the related school and department for more careful consideration.  Later, they will be sent to the Admission Committee. In the Admission Committee, a final decision regarding the applications will be made and, the applicants will be informed of the results immediately.




If your application is accepted, it will be either ‘conditional’ or ‘unconditional’. We will provide you with detailed information about the condition(s) of acceptance. Our acceptance package is valid for one year.



In case of acceptance, applicants must confirm their acceptance by entering their student user account, followed by filling and submitting their Visa Application Form. Please bear in mind that the Visa Application Form must only be submitted via your student user account, and other forms sent via email or other means will not be considered for visa processing, unless strictly stated by the Office of International Admissions.



When Should I Apply?



Our rolling admission process allows all applications to be reviewed as soon as they are submitted. Applications are accepted all year round. The fall semester starts late September, and the spring semester starts early February. Please note that:

  • The admission procedure takes about 3 months for applications which have been submitted successfully.

  • The process of getting a student visa lasts a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks.

  • Some programs are offered only once a year.

Based on the above-mentioned points, complete applications should be submitted at least 5 months before the intended semester. Therefore, application submission deadline for February academic sessions is October and for September academic sessions is June of each year. 


Who Can Apply?



All international students from all over the world are encouraged to apply. Please note that Iranian citizens (holders of an Iranian passport) cannot apply. Iranian Applicants with dual citizenships (holders of an Iranian passport plus a passport issued by another country) cannot apply either. Iranian applicants need to take the Nationwide Entrance Exam, also known as Konkoor, in order to enter TUMS.


Who Will be Selected?



The selection criteria for applicants include:


  • Academic Grade Point Average (GPA): Minimum 3.00/4.00 (or its equivalent);

  • Evidence of English proficiency: In order to be admitted to TUMS and commence your studies, you must provide a certificate of IELTS with a minimum band score of 5.5 or its equivalent in TOEFL iBT (minimum 69) or TOEFL PBT (minimum 525) at the time of registration. Otherwise, attending Intensive English Language classes might be necessary.

  • Evidence of intellectual or creative achievement or substantial public service;

  • Special talents, achievements or awards in a particular field;

  • Experiences that demonstrate promise for leadership; and,

  • Academic accomplishments in light of the applicant's life experience and special circumstances. 




Motivation Letter


Another important document in your application is the motivation letter.



This letter is of the utmost importance as it is the letter which primarily helps the admission committee members to become acquainted with your mindset and future goals as an applicant.



It is also the letter through which you have the opportunity to convince the authorities that you are one of the best among many other applicants, explain the rationale that why you should be chosen as one of the future students at TUMS, and the reasons you chose TUMS as your future academic destination.



We do not prescribe a strict and inflexible framework or format for motivation letters, as it is you who should write the letter in your own unique way. Nonetheless, there are certain points to observe which can help you write a more suitable and efficient letter.


  • Content: The content of the motivation letter is vital to the admission process. We suggest you invest a good deal of time on it. You will use your own unique writing style but make sure you include enough information about the following points:

o   Clearly state the level and program (major) of your choice.

o   Elaborate on the underlying reasons for your interest in that specific field. Make sure you address all aspects of the major or program you wish to study and explain how those aspects have become important to you.

o   Relevant to your chosen program, state your long-term goals and explain how those goals can be realized by studying the mentioned program and through studying in TUMS. Focus on how you are going to use the knowledge you will acquire in your chosen program to make progress towards your future purposes.

o   Also, try and explain how your personal skills and motivation, academic planning and potential for growth make you the most suitable applicant among others who have applied for the same program.

o   Remember that you aim to convince the admission committee members by your skills, abilities and potentials. Making requests or appeals only serve to impair the idea of the members of you and weaken your status as an applicant with potentials.

  • Organization and Format: Besides the content, how you organize your ideas and statements is also highly significant. A great and interesting content written in a haphazard manner cannot carry much of an impact. Therefore, you should carefully observe the organization of the content in your letter.

o   Make sure your ideas are sufficiently explained and you have not left behind ambiguous or unclear statements throughout the text.

o   Organize your ideas with care and ensure that they do not contradict with each other.

o   Pay attention to the division of ideas and paragraphs. Avoid mixing ideas with each other or fragmenting an idea by putting it in different paragraphs.

  • Neatness and Order: Not only does a motivation letter depict your academic mindset and future aims, it also reflects your personality as a university student or scholar.

o   Neatness is highly important in your letter. It is highly recommended that you type the letter and avoid handwriting.

o   Make sure that the quality of the file you send is sufficiently high and the content is legible.

o   Also, proofread your letter once or twice and make sure you have not made any spelling or grammatical mistakes.


Curriculum Vitae


Your C.V. is one of the most important documents in your application. You must make sure that the information you provide in a C.V. is accurate, up-to-date and clear. It is through your C.V. that our experts and admission committee members get to know you.



There are different types and formats for a C.V. Each has different sections, all of which must be written and filled with adequate care and accuracy. At TUMS, we highly recommend and expect that your C.V. includes the following sections:

  • Personal and Contact Information, including:

 Name, gender, nationality, telephone/cellphone number, complete postal address, email address etc.

  • Education Information, including:

All previous education since secondary education/high school, beginning and ending year of each mentioned academic period, thesis title for thesis-based degrees, GPA of each academic period, attended seminars or workshops etc. 


  • Publications (in case you have published academic work), including:

Published scholarly articles, contributions in scientific/academic publications, conference papers etc.

  • Professional Working Experience, including:


Places you have worked, you position, short description of responsibilities and duties, beginning and ending year of each job etc.


NOTE: Although all types of work experience are important, it is recommended that you give a higher priority to those jobs which have some relevance to your academic background or your intended academic programs in the future.


  • Language Knowledge and Qualifications, including:


Name and level of proficiency (beginner, intermediate, advanced, native etc.) of any language you know, name and score of any official language tests you have taken etc.


NOTE: As a minimum band score of 5.5 in IELTS, or its equivalent TOEFL iBT (minimum 69) or TOEFL PBT (minimum 525), is an admission requirement here at TUMS, it is highly recommended that you provide the score of any standardized English language test you have taken in this section. Write your TOEFL and IELTS scores in this part, providing the score of each test section, i.e. Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing.


  • Notable Skills, including:

Computer skills such as adequate familiarity with different software, social skills such as public speaking and lecturing, language skills such as translation or editing, etc.

  • Honors and Awards, including:

Any notable awards, certificates or honors you have received during your academic career in contests, seminars, workshops as a result of high-quality performance or excellence in your specific academic field of interest or line of work.

  • Interests and Hobbies, including:

Academic interests such as various fields of study in which you are interested, research interests etc., as well as personal interests and hobbies such as music, sports, arts etc.

  • References, including:

Name and contact information (especially email addresses) of references, primarily your university teachers and professors or references who know you in a professional working capacity, i.e. from your jobs